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CastleVille. Freebies. Freebies. Red Feather Links Purity Talisman Links.Small Energy Potions, Wood Planks, Aquamarines, Purity Talismans, Rainbow Feathers.

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Each step should take a maximum of 24 hours to complete, not a week.See contact information and details about Castleville Free. is a page that provides Castleville Freebies,.Have 20 Stones to find the perfect playmate for Skippy (Get Stones by mining rocks or from mining camp).

CastleVille. Freebies. CastleVille. Freebies. Red Feather Links Purity Talisman Links.Crystal Shard - Energy - Purity Talisman etc. categories. Sitio web.

NOVITA Castleville Nuova Versione Castleville Purity Talisman Link.

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ITEMS FOR TODAY: 500 Small Energy Potions. 200 Wood Planks. 200 Aquamarines.Tend 20 flowers to shove up your nose. (Click on flowers but not Mushrooms.

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Feed 30 Animals in your Kingdom so they stay healthy while you are away (Tend ready Animals in your Kingdom to feed them).


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Have 5 Coat of Arms to make Baz an official defender of the Kingdom. (Ask Friends).Castleville game Izadora quests Available for Level 15 or Above.

Clear 5 tree stumps to see if anything lurks underground. (Click on tree stumps to clear them).

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Castleville Game, Castleville Cheats, Hints, and Tips, Castleville Quest Rewards and Walkthrough, Castleville Guide.Firsts Quests (Raise the Roof, Talk to the Animals, Nature Lover).

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Castleville Guide: Abandoned Dragon Cave Alastair Quest. (similar to the Purity Talisman in the Gloom Swamp). Castleville Freebies.Castleville Walkthrough Quests Guides, Reviews, Cheats and Tricks, Tips, Videos and News.

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Check if you have the max., and if you do, use some 1st in the market).

Castleville Free Items - is a page that provides Castleville Freebies,.The Kitchen building has several option to craft ENERGY ITEMS.

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Castleville: Martha Quest Guide -

Castleville Guide: Abandoned Dragon Cave Alastair Quest

Feed Peacocks 15 times to find a good quill for writing. (Feed adult Peacocks to get Peacock Feathers).

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Castleville Walkthrough Quests Guides, Reviews, Cheats and Tricks, Tips, Videos and News. Castleville: Where to Find Aquamarine-Talisman (Swamp Quest).

Castleville: Occupational Hazard Baz Quest Guide

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Most of these missions are quite time consuming, like other high level quests.

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Collect 30 Wool to keep warm in the tunnels (Gather Wool from adult sheep).

Have 20 Pails of Water in case Skippy needs a bath (Get Pails of Water from fishing).

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Craft 10 Rope to pull Baz out if something goes wrong. (Craft Rope in the Workshop from Flax).Easter and Spring Items Easter is approaching and Spring is also here, so our kingdoms will soon be very spring-like. We.